WhiteNoise by Rilla

A box of nothing

Since he danced onto the scene in 2011, Pictoplasma's Missing Link character has popped up sporadically at their exhibitions and festivals – always in the form of costumes. But this year I drew him, and now he fronts a box selling nothing but White Noise – Pictoplasma's current exhibition in Madrid.

In other character news, I will be part of the Pictoplasma Academy happening here in Berlin in October. Along with Nathan Jurevicius, I'll be on hand throughout the 8 day master class to take participants through all the steps of designing a character — from ideas and sketching to bringing them to life in various media.

White Noise
La Casa Encendida, Madrid
25 June 2013
One Sun

Why there is only one sun

After the long winter you might not be too happy with the Prince in this story. For you see, long before you or I can remember, the sky was filled with so many suns that it was simply too hot. And this Prince heroically shot all but one sun from the sky.

Across a series of plates and trays I have retold this Chinese legend – which also explains how the rooster came to wake the sun each day and how he came to wear the Prince's red crown.

The collection was launched at Stue in Berlin (photos and full story here) in an exhibition that ran througout April and now you can see all the designs in my shop.

One Sun
Plates and Trays
16 May 2013
The Line Zebra by Rilla

Conference Season Ahead

It won't be long until I am off to Dublin for Offset, followed hot on the heels by Pictoplasma here in Berlin. As part of the Pictoplasma Character Walk I will be exhibiting a series of trays and plates I've designed – at Stue, Torstr 70. I'll be there for the opening day on April 10 (12h-20h) and the show runs until May 10 (Mo - Sa 13h-19h).

But until then enjoy this Zebra I designed for a LA Hotel – he's definitely in town on business. And if you like him, check out my new blog of sketches to see how he got his start.

The Line
19 March 2013
Jorinde and Joringel with pictures by Rilla

My New Year's Resolution

Yes, we're already steaming headway into the middle of the year, but I'm making good on my new year's resolution – sharing some of my projects which, for one reason or another, have not been produced. Until now.

First up is an edition of the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tale Jorinde & Joringel. 

I illustrated this story before Her Idea and it convinced me I could finally tell my own story. So it's certainly high time you had the chance to see it. After all, Jorinde & Joringel is a little known tale outside of Germany – and keeping it in my drawer is not helping the cause!

You can buy the Jorinde & Joringel Pocket Book here.

Jorinde & Joringel
Story by
The Grimm Brothers
01 March 2013
Rilla speaking at 99u

An idea over here...

Last year I was thrilled/slightly terrified to be invited to open Behance's 99u conference in New York. I spoke about dreaming and doing by telling the story behind the creation of my book Her Idea. The talk is now online and you can watch it here.

And if you have the time for a more rambling confessional, check out the presentation I gave in Dublin for Offset (along with my husband Steve). It is here

And an update: hopefully a second edition of Her Idea will be available this year. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to know when it is available.




Seen at
99u and Offset
New York and Dublin
14 January 2013
01 scarygirl rilla

Not so scary, girl

Scarygirl is turning ten and Nathan (her mad scientist creator/father/event organiser) is throwing a birthday party to remember: he's asked over 100 friends to reinterpret Scarygirl's world in their own style.

Fittingly, it's opening on Halloween at Toy Tokyo in NYC but for now you can have a sneak peak at some of the party favours on Magic Pony's blog. And of course, see mine right here.




Scarygirl Anniversary
Toy Tokyo, New York
Gouache on Paper
11 October 2012
Say hi

Say hi!If you're in LA this weekend stop by and say hi to Leanna Lin's Wonderland. Saturday night sees the opening of a benefit supporting The Pablove Foundation and the fight against childhood cancer.

I have three small ink drawings in the show, which continues until October 28. 

Pablove One Another
Leanna Lin's Wonderland
06 September 2012

Drawing the winnersThank you to everyone who entered the draw to celebrate my finishing 1000 drawings for Australian school books.

My lovely assistant, Mr Tom has selected Kat, Lester, Nehal, Noémie and Philip as the winners of the A1 screenprints.

Being the efficient helper that he is, he's now on his way to the post office.

Word up!
11 July 2012
Word up by rilla

A drawing marathonWhen I set out to do 1000 drawings for Australian grade one and two spelling and grammar books, it was a lot like starting a long run. I wanted to prove to myself that i could do it. At around 200, I thought it was all a bit of a walk in the park but by 500 I was crawling.

I timed each drawing as though it were a lap. If I was falling behind I picked up the pace. Four months after I started, screaming myself on from the sidelines, I sprinted over the finish line. 1000. Done!

To celebrate I have made an A1 screenprint of around a hundred of the thousand drawings. If you would like one of the five prints that I have to give away please write me a hello (with your postal address) to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by Tuesday 10th July 2012. 

Word up!
03 July 2012
Thank you Maurice Sendak

And it was still hot

The night before Maurice Sendak died, I took a shot of a little sketch that he'd done in 1961. It was sitting alone in a dark corner at Books of Wonder in New York – on offer for anyone with $30,000 to spare.

Then I sat cross-legged on the floor and read all the way from Kenny's Window through to Bumble-Ardy and pondered the profound effect he'd had on my life.

When I read the news the next day it hurt as though I'd lost a grandfather. But somehow I also felt like I'd been given the chance to say goodbye.

I know he didn't believe he'd be going to any wild rumpus in the sky, but he left so much here for us that he'll never really be gone.

Thank you Maurice

Picture by
Maurice Sendak
Found in
Books of Wonder
New York
10 May 2012

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